CEO David Feldman offers an insight into DJF Enterprises

Successful CEO David Feldman has held numerous senior positions at a host of high profile companies during his 30-year career.

The Union College graduate has spent time at General Electric, Holcim, Cooper Lighting, and Katy Industries to name just a few, turning around the fortunes of the latter in his eight years as CEO at the Missouri-based manufacturing company.

A resident of Atlanta, Georgia, father of two Feldman has since established DJF Enterprises. “I started DJF Enterprises to facilitate the needs of those who were looking for senior-level consultancy or support surrounding business or investment, among other professional services,” he explains.

Feldman goes on to reveal that it’s his belief that success in business calls for complete focus and the development of a team which is second to none.

“In almost any industry, before a business can genuinely progress and become truly profitable, focus must be established and an outstanding team put in place,” he suggests. From then on, says Feldman, it’s about “tackling primary objectives, doing so head on, and executing every decision efficiently, effectively, and profitably.”

“Furthermore,” he adds, “I believe that serving any role in upper management demands a clear vision for the company in question, especially in the long term.”

The DJF Enterprises CEO is also a keen philanthropist, regularly and generously supporting organizations such as Atlanta Community Food Bank. “They’re a local charity whose mission is to fight hunger by engaging, educating, and empowering individuals across Atlanta and north Georgia,” explains the experienced businessman and entrepreneur. The organization is part of Feeding America, the nation’s leading domestic hunger-relief charity, and another cause supported by Feldman, his wife Karen, and their two grown-up sons.

“Throughout my working life,” he goes on to explain of his work through DJF Enterprises, “I’ve held myself wholly responsible for continuously developing, learning, and always progressing.”

He continues, “This is very much the ethos of the business at DJF Enterprises. I stress to people every day the importance of taking away knowledge, experience, and perspective from every aspect of professional life.”

“Through doing this myself,” Feldman adds, wrapping up, “I’ve gained countless positive experiences during my time in business, and these have helped me at every step of the way, from the very beginning, right up to today, both personally and professionally.”

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